27 Festive Ways to Decorate Your Mantel This Fall

It's no secret, Autumn is here once again, and so many people love this season and like to welcome it in different ways like decorating their house or with different kinds of food. Here are 27 Festive Ways to Decorate Your Mantel This Fall! Some people can get pretty sad about fall time coming, but it's all about perspective, I think. I do love summer, but there is just something so nice and cozy about fall. Things are not as busy as they are in the summer time, so you have some more time to be at home to make crafts and different recipes. Things you are maybe too busy to find time for in the summer.

Fall is the perfect time for those golden colours, like red, yellow, and orange. This is the time of year when all of the leaves turn amazing colours and then peacefully fall to the ground readying their branches for winter. When I look out over the mountain tops in the area where I live, it is so unbelievably gorgeous to see all of the different shades of yellow, gold, orange, and red, mixed with the green of the ever green and cedar trees.

So as people like to do when there is a change of season, you might want to update your mantle to be more fall ready for the season spirit! There are so many different ways you can dress up your mantle for fall time. You can even just do something simple, like adding some flowers that already match what you have going on on your mantle already. Just adding a few flowers can make a big difference. You can also, as in the first photo in the slide show, add some colourful garland. Or add some cinnamon or pumpkin pie scented candles to get the aromas of fall in your home. Those seem to be everyone's favourite scents in the autumn months, and they just bring about a general warmth and coziness with them, don't they?

One woman has even used old window shutters and wooden box crates, for her decoration, these wouldn't be too expensive to purchase and you could use them all year round too!! Then you can add some gourds and a couple of pumpkins if you like, since they are really in abundance now. Then, of course, in preparation for Halloween, there are the Halloween decorations. They have a lot of great ideas, like using different scary words like "spooky" or "boo" as a banner on your mantle. Or how about making your mantle look like it is in a haunted house! All you have to do is hang a few pictures crookedly, and put a bunch of spider webbing up and you are good to go! You can always bring the outdoors in for some amazing hints of nature, such as the very leaves themselves! You can attach them to candles, or maybe even perhaps frame some. The options are limitless! No matter which idea you choose to go with, there are so many great ones, so your house will look great o matter what! Happy decorating!

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