2720 Sq. Ft. Modern Barn Home with Must See Floor Plan

This modern barn is just one of the house plans you might consider when building a new house. The modern barn design has 2,720 square feet of living space with 2,168 square feet on the first floor and 552 square feet on the second floor. The first floor of this modern barn design has a master bedroom and two other bedrooms, an open living/dining and kitchen area. Upstairs could be used as an office, recreation area or play room. This barn style house design is a farmhouse style of floor plan that is reminiscent of a dairy barn and has the more traditional elements but interpreted in a modern way. Details for this wood cabin barn include the board-and-batten siding and a recessed, sheltered entry, which add both charm and utility. Outside of this barn style house is a good sized veranda/lanai which wraps around the great room on the main floor for easy indoor and outdoor living.

When people think of the traditional barn color, they usually think of red. This is because hundreds of years ago European farmers would seal the wood that was on their barns using linseed oil. Linseed oil is a tawny-colored oil that is derived from the seed of the flax plant. The Europeans would paint their barns with this linseed-oil mixture, which was known for producing a longer lasting paint that would dry and harden quickly. This is when having a barn that was red became a fashionable thing, which was a sharp contrast to the traditional white farmhouse. As the European settlers migrated to America, they brought with them the tradition of the popular red barns. It was at this time that red became the preferred color for barns until whitewash on barns became cheaper, at which point white barns began to show up more often. Today, the color of modern barns can differ, and can often depend on how the barns are used.

These days you will find modern barns and barn style houses in a wide variety of colors. It used to be that barn were used mostly for agricultural purposes such as for storing animals, livestock and farm equipment, these days you see more and more people using barns for homes. All across North America, you can find older barns that were built from wood that was hewn from trees that sat on the property they were built. Many of the log crib barns or timber frame barns built from the wood that was on the land. You will also find that stone barn were also built in areas where stone was a cheaper building material. The timber framing method of building farms in the United States began to shift away in the mid to late 19th-century from the more traditional type of timber framing to that of truss framed or plank framed barn buildings. The truss or plank framed style of barns was known to reduce the number of timbers that were used by using lumber for the rafters, the joists, and sometimes the trusses. Today one of the most popular styles of modern barns and wood cabins is the post and beam and timber frame style of building. Post and beam and timber frame are popular because people like the look of the exposed post and beams and the aesthetic value.

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