29 Amazing Recycled Pallet Projects

Recycling is a way to conserve our planet, especially the lovely trees that never fail to do service to us humans despite the fact that we often abuse them. It is a sad reality. We all want to contribute to something good in this planet so why not start with trying to save our trees by recycling some good wood pallets. There are so many projects that are waiting for you to get your hands on working and be a craft artists that you are. You may not know but you could actually be one of those artists whose talent in woodworking is yet to bloom! Well, let that be today with this amazing things that you could do as you recycle wood pallets.

1.Planter- you can do it vertically. Instead of the usual plant box that are paved on the ground, why not pick a planter that you could hang vertically on the wall. This is unconventional but still very functional.

2.Shelves- you can use these to build book shelves and once again have it hung on your wall. It would make your room look more organized and neat as well.

3. Working Bench- if you have a garden, you will need a working bench to all the stuffs that you need while you are doing some gardening. Wood pallets are definitely ideal for this.

4. Chairs- this is one of the most common projects and yes, you can be creative on the kind of designs that you would like to have for your chairs.

5. Coffee Table- wood pallets are best if you want to have some cool coffee table in your dining area. You can paint it with whatever colour that you want and make it look retro.

These are just among the 29 other things that you could do with wood pallets. Visit the Willow Haven Outdoor site for more of them.

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