30 Amazing Bunk Bed Ideas

Wow, these bunk bed ideas are incredible! I wish they had some of these when I was growing up! One of the most universal childhood experiences out there is sharing a bunk bed with siblings. I also shared mine with my older brother for several years growing up. I always loved my simple bunk bed with a ladder going up, I looked at it as a fun jungle gym kind of bed that you could climb up and down and was perfect for sleepovers. Even now, I have fond memories of playing with my brother climbing up and down the bunk bed.

As an adult, I still recognize the value of a bunk bed. Not only do kids love them, but they also allow you to have another bedroom free for space by having two people share a bunk bed in a single room. Bunk beds take up roughly the same amount of space as regular beds and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are suspended from the ceiling, others are the traditional bed on top of another bed, and some are made just for kids in the shape of building blocks or other toys. They can even be customized so that the second bed is a pullout for guests, or so that the bottom half is desk space for getting homework done.

One incredibly important quality for any bunk bed is its degree of safety, especially because they are used most frequently by small children. The best type of bunk bed from a mother's point of view would likely be one with proper stairs, railings and guardrails to make sure the kids don't accidentally fall off of it. However, you can put the proper safety measures in place without much fuss and then still enjoy the benefits of having a whole extra room of space in your home to make into your next home office or guest room that you've always wanted.

Now you can see these 30 amazing bunk bed ideas for yourself, and start thinking of which bunk beds might look best in your home! Please click the link below to the Freshome website for these incredible and unique bunk bed ideas and more.

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