36 Kitchen Tips and Tricks That Nobody Told You About

Being in the kitchen is fun, especially if you really love to cook and spend time there. But sometimes, there are moments when you wish things couldíve been done easier while cooking or doing anything that involves the kitchen. Well, good news because there are some life hacks that could make things better and even more fun for you as you go on and enjoy life in your kitchen.

1. Grated Butter- grating cold butter has a lot of advantages if you want to add butter while trying to bake something. This will save you a lot of time than waiting for it to melt.

2. Use The Broken Egg Shell For Scooping- if you happen to have some little pieces of the egg shell in your egg as you break it, scoop it up using the other half of the broken egg shell rather than your fingers. It is easier that way.

3. Know How Fresh The Egg Is- get a glass of water and place the egg in it. If the egg floats, then itís best to just throw it.

4. On Freezing Ice Pops- Make sure that they are placed in the freezer standing up. Cutting them will be easier and they will also look neat.

5. Orange Peeling- peel your oranges with a knife to avoid mess.

6. Freeze Your Sauce- if you want to preserve your sauce, get an ice tray and freeze it.

7. On Peeling Garlic- first smash it with a bowl or something heavy, then put it in a canister and shake it and voila! You donít have to peel them one by one.

8. Reheating Pasta- if you want your spaghetti to be heated evenly, arrange it on the plate on a donut shape before heating it.

9. Ice Cream Tip- for your ice cream to just have the right softness when you eat it instead of the spoon-bending ones, put it inside a zip lock bag before freezing it.

10. Cutting Board Technique- to keep the board from sliding when youíre using it, place a towel underneath it.

11. Travel Cup- create your own travel cup by simply carrying some plastic wrap that you can put a hole into for a straw. Super cool!

12. Cutting Watermelon- cut into cubes.

13. Re-purpose Your Pizza Slicer- you can also use it for pancakes!

14. Yogurt Pops- freeze small yogurt containers in the freezer, but donít forget to put the popsicles first.

15. Keep Your Lettuce Fresh- place a tissue paper in the bowl before covering it with plastic wrap and this will do the trick. Your lettuce will stay fresh for a week.

16. Cutting and Layering Soft Food- Use unscented dental floss.

17. Roll Your Citrus- rolling any citrus fruit will make you get more from them once you opened them.

18. Chill Your Wine- instead of putting ice that will only water down your wine when you try to chill it, use frozen grapes instead.

19. Using Parchment Paper- using parchment paper for baking is less messy.

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