399 Sq. Ft. Quality and Affordable Legacy Tiny Hacienda Home

Many people are looking for alternative housing options, which is where small house living comes in. This 399 square foot quality and affordable Legacy Tiny Hacienda Home is a great option for this purpose. The small house design comes from a company called Legacy Housing LTD. and is featured on the Mobile Home Masters website. This is a tiny house design that is stationary, so it's not on wheels, meaning that you will have to have a piece of land to set up a foundation on to place it. Usually the foundation is an aspect of building a tiny house that the customer has to take care of and wouldn't be done by the tiny house package company. These tiny houses are prebuilt by the Legacy Housing LTD company, fully outfitted and finished with insulation, interior walls and doors, windows, cabinets and appliances. All you have to do is move in your furniture and decor, with your personal belongings, and you are all set to live in a tiny house of your very own. Since building a tiny house can be quite a process, these small houses are a great option to save some time and energy by having someone build your tiny house for you.

If you are building a tiny house of your own, there are many factors you have to consider. Of course, you have to create a design that you will be happy with, or find one online. Creating your own small house design can be done on a program called Sketch Up which is relatively easy to use if you have basic computer skills. You can draw out some ideas with pencil and paper first to get a general idea of what you want in your small house design. How many rooms do you want? Do you want an open concept, studio type of space or separate rooms? How many square feet would be be content having? What types of appliances must you have? For example, some people are happy with having a simple small convection oven or microwave and a hot plate, while others want a full on stove and oven. Some people also may be okay with just a mini refrigerator with a small freezer, others need a full size fridge or at least an RV style fridge. In the bathroom, many people are okay with just a stand up shower, but if you love taking baths, you may want to fit a bath tub into your small house design.

Think about the must have items in your small home when you are building a tiny house or having one built for you, and communicate your needs and desires to the designers and professionals working on your project. The Hacienda house you see here would also be a great guest apartment to put on a piece of land to use when friends and family come for visits, or, it could be great for renting out as a separate apartment. Some people use these as an office building on their property so they can work from home, or a studio space. It might be a nice apartment to have for young adult kids going to college, so they can save some money on renting elsewhere and focus on their studies instead of having to get a job. There are so many options for these awesome tiny houses. There are a couple of other options from Legacy Housing LTD, they are also both 399 square feet and just have different layouts using the space in the home differently. Check out the homes on Mobile Home Masters and see which one you like the best.***

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