3-Ingredient, Super-Easy-To-Make Cookies That Will Spare You Worrying about Eating Unhealthy

These are seriously the Easiest and Healthiest 3-Ingredients Cookies You’ll Ever Make! Let's be real, everyone loves cookies and what's not to love after all? They are sweet, crunchy, chewy and they fit easily in your hand so you don't even need a plate to eat them. But for people who are health conscious, or need to cut down on processed and refined foods, cookies are not the best thing to be eating a lot of. Refined sugars and flours are not the most nutrient dense foods one could choose to eat. The reason you never feel satisfied if you just eat something sweet is because the sugars and carbohydrates burn up so quickly in the body, so it gives you a short burst of energy and then a burn out. This is why sugars can be so addictive too. When sugar enters into the system the brain gives off serotonin, which is a feel good hormone that we connect with happy feelings. So if you crash after having sugar, you will naturally want to ingest it again to produce those same happy feelings and the cycle continues. We can help our bodies out so much by paying attention to how much sugar we are eating, and eating lots of good healthy foods as well.

But just because you are being more health conscious doesn't mean you can never eat all of the sugary stuff ever again, it just means to be mindful of it. There are plenty of natural, healthier recipe options for dessert recipes as well that are made with no refined sugars and have a low glycemic index. This awesome healthy cookie recipe is actually the easiest cookie in the world to make! You will be so surprised at the ingredients in this recipe, they are so minimal as well as affordable. Sometimes when you are trying to eat healthier, you often find that the healthier organic foods can cost much more, but this recipe is actually made with cheap and simple bananas and oats! That is really all that is needed to make these yummy healthy cookies. You can add in dried fruit if you like, some raisins, cranberries, apricots, or apples. You could even add in some 100% cacao chocolate pieces. Pure cacao is healthier than chocolate that has been heated and processed with added sugar and preservatives, so cacao chocolate is actually quite nourishing.

The oats that are used as a replacement for the flour is very nourishing, filled with silica, fibre and B vitamins. Bananas have wonderful nutrients as well, with an abundance of potassium and vitamins. The two ingredients of this recipe combine to make a nice cohesive dough that can be made into little cookie like balls and then baked in the oven or the microwave. This video comes from YouTube - from a channel called BlogilatesTV. This channel has great health conscious recipes that they do in these segments that they call FOOD Bites hosted by Cassy. She is quite enthusiastic about eating healthy and she creates these very easy to follow videos in which she shows us step by step how to make these super easy and healthy cookies. You could have these cookies made in less than 20 minutes! Not only are you left with some tasty cookies, this recipe can also serve as a granola bars recipe as well. So make sure that you try out this awesome recipe and see how you like it! She also has recipes for peanut butter healthy cookies, as well as salads, pancakes, Sriracha popcorn, quinoa recipes and so much more. Enjoy!

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