4 Clever Uses for Salt in your Kitchen that you Didn't Know About

Salt is known to be a supernatural mineral and has nurtured interest for years. It has been used to treat injuries, skin diseases and bandages to heal bloated feet and injured muscles. For centuries, its uses were diversified and it is now common to find them being used in laundry, medicine, agriculture and healing techniques.

Salt forms have been an essential part of everyone’s diet across the world and has different uses. Not only does it help in preservation and taste to food, but it is also a basic element found in your body that plays a role in metabolic functions.

We consume salt and it has been a huge part of our diet. It is usually mined from land deposits and is chemically processed to be edible. The organic sea salt, on the other hand, is taken from salt evaporation ponds and remains untreated and unprocessed. While it is known to aid in food and diet, there are also diversified uses of salt that could surprise you. Take a look.

•Peels egg easier. If you want the egg shells of your hard-boiled eggs to come off in larger chunks that thousands of tiny pieces, add a teaspoon of sale in the cooking water before putting your eggs.

•Milk preservation. If you want to keep your milk fresh for several days, add a couple pinches of table salt to a carton of milk.

•Correcting colors. Are you blanching or boiling string beans or spinach? Add some salt into the cooking water to help preserve its green color, keeping it more vibrant even after they are cooked.

•Sear a steak. If you want a tasty steak without adding oil or butter, sprinkle a teaspoon of coarse salt or kosher in a skillet. The salt crystals prevent the meat from sticking while it creates crust on the finished dish.

Salt has many uses but some of them are not known to most. Consider this information a gift and give it a try in your kitchen soon!

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