4 Dating Mistakes Men Make Out On The Town

I know where some of you guys are heading to this weekend. Yes, no work for two days again and it’s time to turn that party animal mode on. Well, what comes with that mode? Of course, girl hunting! Weekend nights without hitting on women are like working on weekends for 12 hours. *silence* Don't mind the analogy. So you start your hunt; going from one place to another just to find the right girl to flirt with. Well, the closing time has come, and you’re still standing there, alone, finishing your bottle of beer. What do you think your mistakes are? Here is David Wygant once again to help you identify where you’ve gone wrong.

The number one mistake, according to Wygant, is going out without class or style. The outside class and style is visible. However, going to one woman after another rejection doesn’t show any class at all. You've been to five women and they all said, “No, thanks.”

The fifth lady already knows that you have been rejected. She would not think about spending time with you because she knows that something is wrong that’s why other ladies have rejected you. Now that hurts, but it’s the truth, and a mistake, my friend. What are you going to do then?

“You need to become a little more stealth in your approaches. Go into commando mode. When you hit on a woman, you need to make it look very casual. It needs to look like you're just talking and flirting. When you walk away from a girl, don't make it look obvious she rejected you. I see guys slumping away from women, with their head and shoulders down. It stinks of rejection, and it makes you look desperate,” Wygant advises. Put that in mind, fella!

Another dating mistake committed by guys is the going from place to place. Guys, basically, you are humans. You are not some kind of a mosquito or fly. Going from one place to another won't satisfy you.Don't go shooting from bar to bar, driving around town like you’re in the movie, Swingers,’” says Wygant.

There are two more dating mistakes that men do. To know and read more, click David Wygant’s website below and see if you are guilty to one of those. *winks*

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