4 Grilled Cheese Tricks You Need To Try

A grill cheese sandwich is a staple in many kitchens. Grill cheese is a favorite for so many people of all ages.

Its, quick easy and quick to assemble and we have ideas you can try next time you make a grill cheese.

To get that perfect sandwich with cheese oozing out the sides, you should us a cheese that melts well. Two great cheeses are Fontina and Gruyere. Mozzarella cheese melts well too.

You want to have a good crispy bread once the sandwich is grilled. Toast the bread before you make the sandwich. This gives two results. You will get golden edges and a crispy outside. Butter both sides of the bread. Cook one side of the bread in your medium hot skillet for a minute or so, this is the inside of the sandwich.

Take the bread slices off the skillet and butter the opposite sides which will be the outside of the sandwich.

Place your cheese onto one slice of the bread and put it back onto the skillet over a low heat, freshly buttered side out.

Add the cheese starts to soften and melt, place the second side of the sandwich on top, lightly grilled side in and the freshly buttered side as the outside.

Cook over a medium heat and flip to cook the second side.

Keep an eye on the sandwich as its cooking and watch the heat. Nobody wants the burnt or overcooked sandwich, so flip it more than once if necessary.

Press down on the sandwich with a flipper as it is cooking.This flattens the exterior against the hot pan, ensuring even cooking.

You can also add thinly sliced white onions and/or thinly sliced fresh tomatoes to the sandwich inside.

Cut the sandwich into fingers or triangles shapes and serve.

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