4 Salads In a A Jar Recipe

Want to eat healthy, but have a hard time doing it on a busy schedule? Here is an ingenious way to package up healthy meals with this 4 Salads In a A Jar Recipe! Salads are very healthy, and really good for us, everyone knows that. But sometimes its so time consuming and tedious to pack them ahead of time, so that you can bring them to work or school, to eat for lunch. Or maybe to make for when you go camping or hiking, to have as a nutritional meal or snack, when you are not able to cook. The other thing, is that sometimes, a turn off for packing salads for meals, is that if the dressing is mixed in with leafy greens, they usually get really soggy, and mushy or even slimy. That is just not appealing to anyone. That is why this video tutorial shows you the perfect way to layer everything so that nothing gets soggy, or mushy, or squashed up! They really found the perfect balance for the ingredients so that they all work together nicely in the jar or container of your choice. So it goes to show, that really doesn't have to be as hard as we think it might be, and these 4 awesome and different recipes show just how simple it can be to have your salad on the go anytime anywhere!

These recipes are really unique salad recipes, and they are filled with tons of great nutrients too. From some really awesome vegetables, to some yummy nuts and grains, and even some noodles in some of them, you will be so happy you watched this video. And to have everything you need all in one jar, even the dressing is just too great! I love the recipes she uses for these examples of how simple and easy making a salad in a jar can be. The greek one looks so good, with all of the vegetables like peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and of course the olives and feta cheese! The Asian inspired one looks awesome too, with the noodles in it and the gingery salad dressing. But honestly, they all look good to me, because I love salads! She really packs a ton of stuff into these salads, and makes her own dressings, which I also love to do. It really surprised me just how much you can fit into a large pint sized mason jar. You can buy a flat of 12 of these for only $12 too!

The nice thing about these salads is that you can make them the day before, or make a couple of different ones to keep in your fridge for a couple of days, because they will stay fresh for up to a few days until you eat them. That's why they would be great to pop in your back pack if you are going on a day hike, or put into a cooler for camping or festival time, so that you always have a nutritious meal whenever you want one! Check out the 'Domestic Geek' video on You Tube by following the link in the section below for more! She even lists all of the recipes for the salads and their dressings with the video!

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