4 Uncommon Ways to Cut and Serve Pineapple That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

Do you love pineapple, but hate the process of cutting it open? Here is a wonderful food preparation post on 4 Ways How To Cut And Serve Pineapple from fixitsamo's YouTube channel. If you are one of the many people who sees full pineapples in the fruit section at the grocery store, and thinks it would be nice to buy one, but don't know how you would even cut it once you got home, then you need to watch this awesome video. Pineapple is an awesome fruit that is so good for our bodies. Pineapple is filled with tons of nutrients and vitamins, including bromelain, vitamin C, manganese and potassium to name a few. Pineapple is wonderful for preventing and relieving the symptoms for colds and flus, this is because it boosts your immune system and helps your immune system to be able to function optimally. Pineapple also can reduce the risk of arthritis and Alzheimer's disease. It can also improve your eye heath and reduce inflammation of the joints. So as you can see already, there are plenty of reasons to eat pineapple!

The main growers of pineapples are in Hawaii, where the pineapples grow well in the tropical environment. They are also grown in Brazil, Paraguay, the Philippines, and Costa Rica. Did you also know that it takes up to three years for a pineapple to reach the mature stage of its growth? And once the pineapple is picked from the tree it won't continue to ripen, you can check for the ripeness of a pineapple by plucking one of its green leaves, if it comes out easily then it is perfect. Usually their ripeness will be checked before they hit the grocery store shelves but if you want to double check, that is how it can be done. Don't look to the colour however, because a green pineapple could be as ripe as a golden yellow coloured pineapple, it just depends where the had been grown what colour they will be. The reason people started calling them pineapples, is because they look so much like a pine cone. Makes sense when you think about it hey?

So now you might really want to know how to cut a pineapple even more after learning more about it so you can enjoy the sweet fruit and all it has to offer. The man who is cutting the pineapples in the video is a pro! It is so fascinating to see him cutting up the pineapple so beautifully, like it is a work of art. And shouldn't our food that we eat be a labour of love to nourish our bodies? The first way he cuts the pineapple seems simple enough, and it looks awesome when you have completed it! The pieces of pineapple create a zig zag pattern which looks like a boat and makes for great presentation. He also shows us how to use a special pineapple cutting tool that takes off the peel of the pineapple and any of the remaining core. You don't want to eat the core or the "eyes" that are left behind from the pineapple peel, so this contraption takes care of that for you in one easy step! There is another awesome tool that takes the core right out of the pineapple AND slices it at the same time! I would love to try that one out sometime! The last way he shows is the way I usually peel pineapples, peel all of the skin off, and usually after that, I just cut up the pineapple in half and in half again and take the core out. But what he does is amazing! You have to see it for yourself and then you can try it out the next time you buy a pineapple at the store! Have fun!

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