40 Minute Quick and Easy Cheesy Meat Lasagna

If you have a love for lasagna, then this 40 Minute Quick and Easy Cheesy Meat Lasagna recipe is going to be perfect for you! Sometimes lasagnas can take a lot of time to prepare. The time it takes to prepare the meat, and the lasagna noodles, the vegetables and maybe the sauce if you are making it from scratch. Lasagna recipes can sometimes seem like a lot to handle when you have worked all day long, and you are hungry and want something to eat right away. Which is why this awesome quick and easy 40-minute lasagna comes in so handy. This lasagna recipe comes to us from The Slow Roasted Italian, and does it ever look great! The photos alone are enough to get my stomach wanting some. Just look at all of that nice cheese, the savoury meat and the nice noodles.

Donna, from The Slow Roasted Italian website, says that she remembers when Sundays were lasagna days. Growing up in an Italian household, she tells us that the lasagna making process was a whole day affair. But now, it doesn't have to be! She has made this recipe as easy as can be. You take some Italian sausage and some pre-made tomato sauce and diced tomatoes, and cook up your meat in it. The cheeses like ricotta and shredded mozzarella get all mixed up together with an egg and then all of the ingredients for the recipe just get simply layered on top of each other. The finishing touch is the pre-shredded Italian cheese mixture that can be bought at the grocery store as well as some parmesan cheese too. The whole thing bakes for about thirty minutes and voila, a beautiful lasagna that can be made in a jiffy any night of the week!

The lasagna noodle was one of the first types of noodles made as pasta in Naples, Italy. Long before that though, the lasagna noodle came from Ancient Greece, where people would use the dough to make unleavened bread. The Romans adapted the dish as their own recipe, and used the Greek word, lasagna, meaning pot or chambered pot. Not until later, it became the dish we all now know and love, and took on the name of the dish that it was cooked in. The lasagne making process is done by layering layer upon layer of vegetables, cheeses, meat and, of course, the lasagne noodles. Now, there are so many different variations of the dish, including a Tex-Mex version, chicken lasagna recipes and seafood lasagna recipes. People have even created lasagne dessert recipes that have chocolate pudding and whipped cream in them. So lasagna is a very versatile casserole type of recipe that can be tailored to what kinds of ingredients you might have on hand.

The Slow Roasted Italian is an awesome food website that features tonnes of great recipes. Of course, there are many Italian recipes, but Donna, the curator of The Slow Roasted Italian, also features other recipes like Greek, Mexican, Mediterranean, and Asian. She also has many dessert recipes, appetizer recipes, Holiday specific recipes, and so much more. Donna and her husband Chad are all about simplifying recipes. They love to take old classic recipes like this one, and make it as easy as possible. Their website is really approachable and easy to navigate, and some of their recipes even have video tutorials to show you exactly how to make each recipe from start to finish. Their food website is a great way for them to share their love of Italian cooking with the world.

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