400 Sq. Ft. Elegant And Functionally Flexible Tiny House

Tiny houses don't just have to be on wheels. Looking at this 400 square foot elegant and functionally flexible tiny house, small house living seems pretty desirable. For many people thinking about downsizing to a tiny house, the space is one thing that they worry about. Storage space, space to move around and space to relax. The thing is, small designer homes like these are designed so strategically that you don't even notice the lack of space. Another reason why smaller spaces like this don't seem as small as they are is the implementation of great storage features that make organizing a breeze. Of course people will have to do a lot of pairing down and decluttering their lives before going tiny, but the storage makes all the difference for maintaining a clutter free tiny house. Tiny House Listings is a favourite go-to website when it comes to the latest and greatest in small house design. They feature tiny houses on wheels as well as tiny houses on foundations like this lane way house in Vancouver, BC. This beautiful home is one of the small designer homes from Smallworks, a company based right in Vancouver.

Smallworks creates beautiful small designer homes for people all over Vancouver as well as lane way houses like this one to provide affordable, yet gorgeous and stylish houses to people living in the city. Vancouver is one of Canada's largest cities, and, it is also one of the most expensive cities to purchase a home in. Houses are costing as much as a million dollars in Vancouver these days because of the inflation in the housing market. In 2016, house prices rose 25.75% in Vancouver which was the highest increase seen in Canada, according to the Global Property Guide's website. But, later in the year the housing prices plummeted 11%. The average price of a detached house in Vancouver is around $900,000 which is a lot for many of the people working and living there. Most people just rent out houses or condos, or houses that are split up into apartments. Smallworks is building smaller houses that will cost less, which means small house living is becoming more of a norm in places like Vancouver. People who have a little bit of extra land on their property could build one of these lane way houses and rent it out as a rental unit. They are even working on getting lane way housing approved for sale so that someone could own that house outright.

These small designer homes are also great for vacant lots within the city and surrounding area to be able to fit more small families in one zone. Small house living would be awesome in this lovely home. Large enough for one or two people, this 400 square foot has all a person needs and more. There's an awesome kitchen with a full sized stove and a mini fridge, and the bathroom is very luxurious with a glass shower and lots of counter space. There's even a loft in the house which would create the perfect sleeping area which makes really great use of the space. The windows and white paint help in making the home feel spacious and bright, and there is lots of outdoor space to enjoy as well. If you're interested in small homes within the city, the Smallworks website is a great place to get some inspiration and even some help with your personal project. They have plenty of other designs they've created, as well as renovations they've done throughout the city. Enjoy looking at more inspiring homes on Tiny House Listings.***

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