42 Reasons Why You Need Coconut Oil in Your Pantry at All Times

Check out this great article from Tip Hero that offers 42 reasons why you need coconut oil in your pantry at all times. This article details many helpful ways you can use coconut oil for a variety of purposes around the house. Everything from bathing and beauty to health and home maintenance tips are included in this article. Tip Hero's blog is dedicated to helping all of us live easier and save money with their useful tips and life hacks.

There has been some controversy over the health benefits of coconut oil in recent years. Popular television figures such as Dr. Oz have made claims that coconut oil can do everything from improving our immune function and regulating our thyroid function and blood sugar levels to helping us lose weight, improve digestion, control our cholesterol levels, prevent heart disease and reduce the effects of aging. Some have even gone so far as to claim that coconut oil can reverse the effects of dementia and cure Alzheimer's disease. Unfortunately, many of the claims of coconut oil as a miracle food are not currently supported by scientific evidence.

Respected author Dr. Andrew Weil urges caution with the use of coconut oil for his readers. As it is high in saturated fat, he advises using coconut oil in moderation and suggests that many of its touted health benefits are not based on sound scientific facts. In the past saturated fats have been demonized, along with tropical oils such as coconut, palm, and palm kernel oil. More recent research suggests that saturated fats do not have the negative impact on heart health that was previously assumed. However, there remains some controversy over the results of this study and many researchers still recommend a limited intake of saturated fats.

The long list of things that coconut oil are good for, will have you going to the health food store or grocery store and picking up a jar of this miracle all natural product. Did you know that coconut oil can also help you with house cleaning ideas and cleaning tips? Some of the cleaning tips coconut oil are good for include polishing leather, detailing your car and removing soap scum, plus it smells good, no toxic smells here. Some kitchen ideas you can use it for include as a coffee creamer, an oil/butter replacement, seasoning cast iron pans, popcorn topping and good for popping popcorn, greasing baking pans and as a great cooking oil.

Coconut oil can also be used for cold sores, to sooth mosquito bites, as a lip balm, for reducing dandruff, as toothpaste and to soothe a sore throat.

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