4-Ingredient Homemade Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream

There are some foods that we just never even consider making ourselves, and for me, ice cream is definitely one of them. Here's a recipe for a 4-ingredient homemade orange creamsicle ice cream that will knock you off your socks. If you thought ice cream was too difficult to make at home, you're not alone, but now be prepared to be amazed at how simple it actually is. Now this isn't your typical sugar-laden, highly processed, unhealthy, junky ice cream. No, this is a guilt-free, good for you, healthy and delicious ice cream that you can eat with pride.

This recipe is so easy you'll wonder why this is the first time you're getting the opportunity to try it. The recipe is featured on the "Tip Hero" website and it's one of those tips that deserves a lot of praise ! This site is full of all sorts of tips, and it's not just restricted to food recipes. It has things for building, cleaning, well-being, and just plain old fun ones. You'll probably want to bookmark this site so that you can checkout all that it has to offer - which is a lot.

This recipe for a 4-ingredient homemade orange creamsicle ice cream, has a good amount of vitamin C with all the oranges it packs. You're pretty much blending together oranges and cream to make a nice smooth consistency and texture. Then naturally you have to incorporate some sugar or else it would be too healthy... and finally the last ingredient might surprise you. It's vodka.

Yes you read that right, there's about a shots worth of vodka added in, which is a totally great idea since it keeps the mixture from freezing too much. Of course there's the option of omitting this especially if you're concerned for children. But there's such a small amount it shouldn't be too much of an issue. If you do choose to leave it out, the mixture might get too solid in which case it will become more like orange iciness. Of course that sounds amazing too but personally I'm more interested in the creamy texture that ice cream has.

You could probably switch up this recipe into a few variations using berries instead, but I'm not completely sure how they will freeze over. In theory it should work so I definitely think it's worth a shot! If you have these ingredients sitting at home then I highly recommend you make them while these fleeting summer days still remain. Of course you can enjoy them in the winter but it's more satisfying when it's hot, don't you think? Well regardless of how or when you choose to enjoy this 4 ingredient homemade orange creamsicle ice cream, you won't be disappointed. So get ready to travel to heaven, and make these over and over again! It's so simple there's really no excuse not to... except for all the sugar they contain. But it's important to treat yourself, and there's oranges so that counts for something right?

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