5 Breakfast Smoothies for Every Day of the Week

At Wikidee, we love to share a variety of recipe options for everyone to enjoy, including our community of health conscious smoothie lovers. As summer approaches, 5 Breakfast Smoothies for Every Day of the Week may just be what you're looking for to start the day with a spring in your step. At TipHero: Life Tips & Hacks, The Domestic Geek shows us a colorful array of light, yet nutrient-rich smoothie recipes for each day of the week. With such a brilliant versatility of potent choices that incorporate a vibrant selection of berries, fruits and veggies, she demonstrates that healthy eating is really fun and doesn't always have to be green!

In these smoothie recipes, greek yogurt is used for protein but nut milk or soy milk can be used instead, if you are trying to stay away from dairy products. A handful of nuts may work well too. Her liquid of choice is orange juice so that means your smoothie will be packed with Vitamin C in an invigorating citrus base. Fruits and berries comprise most of the smoothie recipe contents but sweet veggies are also included for extra health benefits. If you play with the recipes a bit, you may like to add some ingredients of your own, such as salmon berries, beets, celery, and zucchini, just to name a few. With summer just around the corner you can either buy or harvest your own produce and freeze it for all the recipes you'd like to do later, as The Domestic Geek suggests.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be a chore. With some clever planning, meals like these will give you and yours the best chance at an enriched and flavorful life.

These breakfast smoothie recipes are so fun, colorful and a healthy way to start off your day. Some of the tips to making smoothie recipes in the morning are that you want to use frozen fruit, so that you don't water down your smoothie with ice. It's easy to make your own frozen fruit, just freeze fresh fruit in a single layer on a baking sheet with some parchment paper, freeze and put into a freezer bag. You always want to add your liquid first to the blender, before anything else, so the liquid is close to the blender blade, and it will work to make your smoothie that much easier. You can also prepackage your smoothie recipes, so you just have to wake up in the morning add your liquid and some yoghurt and the frozen fruit and your ready to start your day.

Breakfast is one of the healthiest meals of the day, and as the name implies, you are breaking your fast from the night before, so you want to start your day off right. The first smoothie recipe on the list, is for Monday morning. It's bright and sunny and a great way to start off your week. The Monday morning smoothie recipe uses some pineapple juice, but you can also use some orange juice or almond milk if you'd like. Next to the juice, you will add some Greek yogurt, its a great source of protein, and will help to make your smoothie recipe nice and creamy smooth! Then you can top the smoothie recipe with some delicious frozen fruit, like some tasty frozen pineapple, some mango, and some banana. To that you can add in a bit of fresh grated ginger, to liven things up a bit. Then blend, there you have your Monday morning healthy recipe for breakfast.

For Tuesday Tip Hero makes the Orange You Glad Its Not Monday smoothie recipe. To start you can use some orange juice poured into the blender. Again some Greek yogurt for some much needed protein in the morning, then a frozen peeled orange is added in, a frozen peeled peach, then one shredded carrot. Smoothie recipes are a great place to hide some vegetables into the mix without anyone even knowing!

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