5 Must-See Rock Climbing Destinations in North America

For rock climbers who are planning to hone their craft in the USA but are still undecided on which part in the US to go, I think I can help you. *winks* According to Bobby Poland, an author in ‘You Must Be Trippin’ website, “North America is home to incredible rock formations and diverse rock types.” He is proving it by presenting these five must-see rock climbing destinations in North America. These are real ‘must-see destinations’ that will make your fingers itchy and ‘finger hungry’ for rock climbing. *smiles* Would you like to take a tour at the two of the five must-see rock climbing places? “This instant, please.” Right away!

Utah is part of the list, people! Many best rock climbing destinations in the United States are found in Utah. The super difficult limestone in American Fork Canyon; Logan, the “world-famous sandstone splitters and towers of the deserts”; and the perfect granite of Little Cottonwood Canyon are all found in there, ladies and gents! Whatever you choose will certainly make your US rock climbing experience worth the while. *winks*

Another must-see destination is the Hueco Tanks, a low area of mountains in El Paso County in Texas. “It is located in a high-altitude desert basin between the Franklin Mountains to the west and the Hueco Mountains to the east.” The term ‘Hueco’ is a Spanish word which means ‘hollows’. It also refers to the lots of water-holding depressions in the boulders and rock faces all over the region. Here’s what some say about Hueco Tanks. As cited in Trip Advisor, Maggie72013 says, “Beautiful place to spend the day. Loved climbing on the rocks! Great views. Peaceful, quiet and clean. Several covered picnic tables. You need to watch a video before going out to explore. Will definitely go back!” Another one, still from trip Advisor, is from langhorn160. For him (or her), the place is great for rock climbers and archeologist, and they would ultimately love the place.

What do you think? “I am not only going to these 2. I’ll experience rock climbing in these five places!” Great! For more must-see rock climbing destinations, just visit You Must Be Trippin’s website below. Have fun in your rock climbing experience in the US! *winks*

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