5 Myths of Cast Iron Cookware

Do you use cast iron cookware? Just what are the mysteries behind the care and maintenance of cast iron.

Here is some information you will find helpful.

It is said that if you cook in cast iron it produces iron, and our bodies need iron. If you cook high-acid food, yes, it will leach the iron from the pan. Recipes that use tomatoes, apple sauce and even eggs, leach iron from the pan. The longer cooked, the more iron transferred, so yes this is one method of receiving some of the iron our bodies require.

What about the surface of the cast iron pan being scratched with metal tools? Is this a problem. As we all know with non-stick frying pans, you need to be very careful not to damage the surface and you must use silicone kitchen tools. With cast iron you can use anything and not worry. If there are any scrapes that happen in the pan, the cast iron is quickly replenished with oils used to cook the food.

Will cooking tomatoes ruin the surface of the pan? If you do not have a well seasoned cast iron pan, the high acid of the tomato will strip the seasoning. This can result in metallic flavours in the food and the pan will dis-color. However; if you are using a cast iron pan that has been seasoned this will not occur. Best advice is if your cast iron pan is new, use it for a period of time until you see that the pan has seasoned before cooking acid type foods in it.

What about cleaning the cast iron pan? Avoid putting it in a dishwasher and really abrasive detergents and scouring pads. Instead wash your pan in a gentle detergent and don't leave it soaking in water for long periods of time.

Is my cast iron pan ruined if it gets rusty? NO, you cannot ruin cast iron. There are lots of ways to restore cast iron cookware. Cast iron cookware dates way back, you can be sure your grandmother used it and once you season up a pan to perfection, it'll become a favourite to cook in.