5 Reasons To Eat Spruce Tips and 8 Ways To Use Them

Are you into natural medicine and do you love learning about herbal remedies? Here is an amazing plant food that you may have never known about, spruce tips. Nele from Nutriplanet Live Healthy shares with us 5 Reasons To Eat Spruce Tips and 8 Ways To Use Them. With so many people realizing the wisdom of plant medicine and healthy living, there are so many great foods that are being brought into our awareness. It seems like once one food is put out there as a healthy food or super food, there is another one to follow it shortly. There are plenty of great plant foods we find in our own grocery stores and gardens, but so many other herbal remedies grow around us in nature and we don't even know it. So thank goodness for the internet and people out there who are always looking for ways to use natural medicine for healthy living. Of course there are things like nettles and dandelions that people are just coming to accept as natural medicine. But pretty much everything out in nature has a purpose unless they are of course poisonous plants. To make sure you steer clear of poisonous plants be sure to do your research on the plant before you consume it in any way. There are also field guides that you can purchase with photos of the poisonous plants and the good plants so you can decipher which plants are which.

Spruce tips show up on the tips of spruce trees just like the name entails. They are the nice, bright green tips that show up in the spring time on the spruce tree. You might have never thought you could actually eat these little guys but you can. Apparently they are really good for us too. Native American tribes have been using spruce tips as an herbal remedy to cure and soothe coughs and sore throats and to add to other foods. The spruce tips have a slightly sour flavour, and can be used in salads, smoothies, or sautéed up with other foods much like you would do with rosemary. They can also be eaten on their own too. As Nele from Nutriplanet Live Healthy shows on her website, her son likes to just eat the spruce tips on their own. But she suggests making even a pesto out of them if you want something really delicious. Spruce tips have so many great vitamins and minerals in them like vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. They are really good to freeze when you pick them in the spring time and then use them in the winter time to ward off colds. These little green tips also have a ton of chlorophyll which is really good for us too. You can also use them to make a tea or in soups. When you pick some, make sure it isn't close to any roads and not in an area where pesticides could be sprayed.

Thank you so much to Nele from Nutriplanet Live Healthy for sharing these great tips and information on spruce tips with us. Nele has been an avid learner of natural medicine for quite some time and she created her website to share all of the things she has learned and continues to learn. Nele and her family eat a plant based diet which means that they focus mainly on eating fruits, vegetables and grains and no meat or animal products. If you are looking to cut down on your consumption of meat or want to cut it out completely, then this website will be a great tool for you to use on your journey. Nele has posted so many wonderful recipes and tips on your website that you will want to check out and learn from.*

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