5 Reasons Youre Not Getting A Second Date

Well, let me start with a film. I remember this movie I saw over a year ago. It’s titled ‘He’s Not Just Into You’. The film features an ensemble cast, and one of the stars is Ginnifer Goodwin. Ginnifer Goodwin plays as Gigi. Anyway, Gigi is a “single woman who repeatedly misreads mundane actions and comments from her dates as indications they are romantically interested in her. She then frets when the guy doesn't call.” Gigi has many first dates. No second dates. *single* Do you see my point here? The only difference between Gigi and you guys is the gender. She’s a she and you’re a he. And the common thing between you and

Gigi is that first dates remain firsts. In other words, your first date with a girl is the last date. She doesn’t return to your calls anymore. What do you think are the reasons behind these? Well, guys, sit down with me and we'll see.

For David Wygant, there are five reasons, and I am going to give you two. *winks* One of those is that you interviewed her. Guys, let me remind you that your date is not a game show. The girl didn't agree to go out with you so you can throw 20 questions at her; ask, respond, relate, and move on to another subject. “Quick fire questions are going to make her feel like she’s applying for a job, and she’s going to think you're weird,” says Wygant.

The second reason is that you are arrogant. Well, I think for me, showing off your million dollar car, you three-story mansion, and your 6-digit salary is not that bad. As long as I can see that you worked hard for it, I’ll be fine! But if you are overdoing the ‘showing off thing’, that is another story, pal. I know that you have all those things but you don’t have to power slap me with it. Wygant says, “Don’t go on about how much money you make, or what an amazing car you have. It’s not a competition, and you're going to make her feel inferior.” And that is already a MAJOR turn off for women. Not good, guys. Not good. “Be funny, and even inject a little cocky humor in there, but don't cross the line to arrogance,” Wygant recommends. See? That’s how you do it, gents.*smiles*

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