5 Things That Will Dull Your Kitchen Knives

Are the knives in your kitchen getting dull with use? They all do over time even if you buy the most expensive ones! I know mine have been feeling dull as of late, and I have looked into how much it is to get them all sharpened, and it can add up! Sometimes you might think it might be more worth it just to buy a new knife! But that is wasteful, so before you throw out that knife, get it sharpened and then practices these handy tips to keep them sharp so you don't have to pay to get them sharpened any more!

In the first place, you need to be cautious of what kind of cutting board you are using, wood will be better for your knife over glass since glass is hard on the blade and dulls it more quickly over time. Even a bamboo one would be better for your slicing and dicing needs. Also, what you are choosing to cut with your knife is important to be mindful of. Thinking of using the knife you use to cut up your veggies to cut through a cardboard box or through the tape? Sure its handy to reach for the first thing in the drawer, but this ruins the blade of your knife. Use a utility knife instead! Also, make sure you use their plastic casing or protective covers, the steel rubbing against steel is hard on your knives and can cause them to dull as well. In general keeping the blades of your knives from rubbing too much on any surface can prolong the sharpness, so keep scraping and prying to a minimum. You may also consider getting a wood block to store your knives in as the article states.

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