50 Amazingly Helpful Time-Tested Tips for the Kitchen

If you love to cook and the kitchen is one of the most well used rooms in your home, and you could probably benefit from some cooking and household cleaning tips. Here is a list of 50 Amazingly Helpful Time-Tested Tips for the Kitchen, cooking tips and kitchen cleaning tips that will make cooking and cleaning a breeze. Even if you don't cook a lot, some of these awesome helpful kitchen tips might just inspire you to enjoy your kitchen more. LifeHacker, a blog on the internet, has tons of wonderful tips and hacks to help you make life a lot easier. Life can be pretty busy as it is, so why not lighten your work load a bit and make household cleaning and cooking meals easier? A hack is something that will take less time, less effort and less tools to get done. Hacks make use of what you will have on hand to make the best out of a situation. Life hacks essentially are tips that make our lives easier and more fun, and they can be great to show and share with other people too.

You have probably seen some of those books that have homesteading tips and tricks in them or household hint books, there have been many published over the years. People enjoy sharing their findings with other people when they figure something out that makes a task so much easier. So for a long time, how you did that was through a collection of tips and tricks published into a book, or published into newspapers and magazines. We can still find hardcopy books and articles on household tips and tricks, but now, the internet has become another amazing way for people to post and share their tips, tricks and ideas. You can find them on websites like LifeHacker, as well as on YouTube in video form and also on Pinterest.

This list of 50 helpful time tested tips for the kitchen is one list that you should definitely have, and save so that you can refer to it whenever you want. An abundance of kitchen cleaning and cooking tips for you to test out in your very own kitchen. Tips like how to get the odour off of your hands after handling onions or garlic, and why not to put citrus fruits and tomatoes in the refrigerator. LifeHacker also shares tips on how to easily clean cast iron cookware without wrecking the finishing on it. Don't know how to check the freshness of your eggs? There is a tip that tells you exactly how to check if they are ok to eat or not. Even if you have pest problems like ants coming into your home, there is a kitchen tip that tells you how to get rid of them without the use of harsh chemicals. Also, a great cooking tip on how to keep your eyes from watering while you are cutting onions! We could all use a little help with that sometimes. There are great kitchen and household cleaning tips in this list as well that don't involve using harsh chemicals, and rather tell you how to use non toxic like vinegar and baking soda to keep your kitchen clean and smelling great.

So if you need some kitchen cleaning and cooking help, this list will be perfect for you to get started hacking your life and making it much easier and even more fun in some cases. Thank you so much to LifeHacker for this awesome list of 50 Amazingly Helpful Time-Tested Tips for the Kitchen that can help us all out so much around the kitchen and in our homes. Check out more of their great articles including 10 uses for tea bags, and even some fashion and design tips. Have some fun and save the ones you like. *

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