50 Cute Puppies Make Your Girlfriend Smile

Warning from the admin: this article is dangerous… to your friends who are reading with you right now because this article is overloaded with cuteness! Looking at the photo of that cute puppy is like looking at your crush’s cutest picture – you’ll be torturing your friend with too much fuzziness. Well, we are going to pamper ourselves with these cute little puppies this time. Would you like to know the 3 dog breeds that have the cutest puppy? “Oh please! I want to drown in their cuteness!” Very well, my friend. Let’s swim into the ocean of puppy cuteness!

Labrador Retriever puppies do not and cannot miss the list. Labrador Retriever is in fact America’s favorite dog breed. It is a good companion dog and working dog. On top of that, they produce the cutest of puppies! Now this makes me real fuzzy. According to Kristina Lotz from the ‘I Love Dog Site’, Labrador puppies’ “rolly-polly bodies and sweet face could sell anything.” Another cute puppy breed is the Golden Retriever. Another retriever, buddy! – to retrieve us from dullness! Golden Retrievers are “large-sized breed of dogs bred as gun dogs to retrieve shot waterfowl such as ducks and upland game birds during hunting and shooting parties, and were named 'retriever' because of their ability to retrieve shot game undamaged.” *silence* Watch out! We got a bad dog over here! Who would have thought that these bada** dogs can give us these adorable puppies? *sighs* Anyway, here we go to the last dog breed: English Bulldog. These “wrinkly, tubby, and squat” puppies will make you say, “I need to adopt this one. Right now. As in right now!” Lotz says, “Bulldog puppies literally make people stop in their tracks. It’s why they are so popular on greeting cards and print advertisements.”

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