6 Instant Meals for Backpacking Just Add Boiling Water

These "6 Instant Meals for Backpacking Just Add Boiling Water" are a great way to save money compared to freeze dry food packs, in easy to do recipe ideas. These instant meals can also help when you are having a late night at work, you can just add boiling and you have an instant meal.

These instant meals are the best remedy when you need a hot meal fast. The important step to keep in mind when you are making these instant meals is to add only dry ingredients to these instant meals, as this way you will be able to store them for longer and eat them whenever you crave a soup or noodles. These instant meals are also great to take to work and eat them at lunch or to pack when you go camping and want to taste some homemade flavors. These instant meals are also a great thing to bring along when you go backpacking, they are light, nutritious and delicious! Just heat some water and pour it over the dry mixture to prepare a tasty and instant meal. You can make several packages with your favorite ingredients.

Some of the instant meal ideas for backpacking include; cous cous with apricots, macadamia nuts, and chicken. Some of the ingredients for this tasty backpacking instant meal include whole wheat cos cous, chia seeds or ground flaxseed, freeze dried chopped chicken, chopped dried apricots, coarsely chopped macadamia nut, freeze dried spring onions (or 1 teaspoon dried onion flakes), powdered chicken flavor base (or boullion granules), dried thyme and garlic powder; Thai peanut noodle with chicken and vegetables. Some of the ingredients you will find in this recipe include chia seeds, freeze dried chopped chicken, chopped roasted peanuts and freeze dried mixed vegetables.

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