6 Magical Ways to Top Grilled Corn

With summertime comes lots of seasonal favorite recipes, time for barbecues, salads, picnics and an abundance of fresh local produce. These "6 Magical Ways to Top Grilled Corn," are inspiring summer ideas, not to mention they look delicious. Now is the time of the year for those lovely ears of fresh corn! The best way to do corn on the cob is to grill it! This is definitely a street food favourite and in Mexico, and in the United States you see this a lot. Sometimes you see them in Canada too. But I loved how they did them down in Mexico... they were just so awesome, grilled up and then slathered with mayonnaise, and chili, with some lime and pepper. Sometimes they would also shave it off into a cup and serve it with different spices or just plain with butter. What a great snack food or a side to accompany any meal, because you can dress it up in so many different ways.

Four is one of the top summer food recipes, it just conjure up summer time barbecues, picnics, friends and family. This recipe is perfect in its simplicity, just grill add butter, and season with a bit of salt, and its pure perfection. With that said this article gives us even more to consider when we are grilling up our favorite recipe, your guests will probably be talking about these delicious recipes for a while. The first recipe is pesto and parmesan cheese, seriously? Yum! Just grill the corn and slather with pesto and top with parmesan, sounds amazing right? Now this corn recipe idea is sure to be a hit with many people, bacon wrapped corn, yes bacon, I don't know what it is but everyone loves bacon, and now it's on corn! To do this recipe, wrap each ear of corn with two to three strips of bacon and grill until charred (you can wrap the cob of corn in foil first if you are nervous about grease fires).

Then there is a feta and caesar corn recipe, I suppose its safe to say that caesar salad dressing tastes great on most vegetables, so grill the corn then drizzle with the caesar salad dressing and top with crumbled feta cheese. There are more amazing corn recipes to enjoy on this great site. Some of the other topics and article you'll find are; design ideas, food and drink recipes, gardening ideas, craft ideas and antiques, the site is a great resource to find plenty of ideas for your home and family. Corn is really good for you as well! Its a great vegetable with lots of vitamins in it, like lutein and zeaxanthin which help you have better vision, and it also has a high level of antioxidants and the antioxidants actually raise when it is cooked, which is very different than other vegetables which tend to lose nutrients when they are cooked, so they are better to eat raw instead of cooked. But it seems that corn might be better for you when it is cooked. To read more about this subject, visit the "Country Living," website, where you will find this recipe and many others as well as so much other awesome content!

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