6 World’s Largest Foods

Get a load of this top 6 list of the world’s largest foods on Oddball Daily. Looking at these gargantuan sandwiches and pizzas, it’s hard to imagine that a pretty sizable portion of the world’s population is starving to death. I’d suggest that the masterminds behind these testaments to culinary excess send their creations to poor countries abroad, but the shipping costs would probably be astronomical.

Here’s an anecdote. When I was a boy, there was a restaurant in my hometown that specialized in deep-fried comfort food and wacky interior decoration. You know the kind of place I’m talking about: street signs on the wall, a moose head with sunglasses near the entrance. Anyway, they had this massive burger on the menu and a promotion where if you finished it, not only was it free, but they would take a post-gorge polaroid of you and pin it to their “wall of fame.” I remember it was my friend Dallas’ eleventh birthday—August something, nineteen ninety something. We went to school with a cocky, rotund little hellraiser who went by the name of Eddie Something. Eddie thought he had what it took to earn a spot on that wall of fame, and bragged loudly about it all the way to the restaurant. When the burger arrived, Eddie dug in, and we watched. “Pace yourself Eddie, we’re here all night,” pleaded Dallas. But Eddie was in the zone. A still fell over the normally clamorous restaurant—patrons lost their appetites sat staring at our table. Servers stopped what they were doing and gathered around us, completely forgetting to sing Dallas happy birthday. When Eddie got to about the two thirds mark, he stood, and marched to the men’s room. And we waited. Five minutes, then ten. Then the mood was anxious, expectant. What had become of the young champion? I don’t think I need to tell you that it was me who the parents elected to check on Eddie in the bathroom. I don’t think I need to tell you that Eddie was forcing himself to barf up his meal so he could finish up strong and earn that coveted spot on the wall. “Don’t. Tell. Anyone.” Eddie begged, bent over the toilet bowl with his fingers in his mouth. And you know what? I didn’t. I let Eddie have his glory, and as far as I know, his picture is still up there.

These photos of some of the worlds largest food creations are a bit comical, and it really goes to show just how ambitious people can be. Like the worlds largest burger, largest fish taco and largest pizza really have you start to think about just how much food and planning has to go into these big creations. I mean for the burger alone that's a whole lot of hamburger, and you'd need a larger than normal oven just to fit that oversized bun. If you google some of the worlds largest sized foods you will get even more large sized creations coming up from worlds largest meatball to worlds largest gourmet burger and more. If you could create the worlds largest food, what would it be, the worlds largest sushi roll? The options are endless.

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