7 Ingenious Ways You Never Thought to Use Salt

Messes happen in life, that is something that is inevitable, but that doesn't mean we should just stop living life, we just need better ways of cleaning our messes up! Here are 7 Ingenious Ways You Never Thought to Use Salt! These life hack videos are so awesome, they just give us so many great ideas on how to do regular things differently, and usually cheaper and easier too. Using the internet as a tool to help you save time and money is not only fun, it is super easy. This is a great list from Household Hackers, who have a ton of amazing hacker videos that you can check out through this video on their You Tube channel. The nice thing is you can just use your You Tube app on your phone, or go on their website, and watch a video of how to to so many things. You can learn so much from You Tube really. Especially from this awesome Household Hackers You Tube channel. There are so many amazing household hacks that you can do that you probably have never even heard of or thought of! These things can really make things a lot easier in our lives.

Did you know that salt can do so many things?! Salt is a pretty amazing substance. It can help to dissolve snow and ice on our stairs and driveway, and road ways, and obviously is a great addition to our food. It was highly treasured in the old days because it helped to preserve our food, like meats, and some vegetables. It is still used as a seasoning to bring out the flavours in food too. Now we know that iodized salt is not the best for us to consume, so most people will use celtic sea salt, or Himalayan pink sea salt. This kind of salt holds so many different minerals in it that iodized salt doesn't have in it. It is also very ancient salt that holds a very healing energy. The life hacks you can do with salt are awesome, and it would be wise to save this list.

You can actually clean a clothing iron with salt, just by rubbing the iron on salt! It totally removes all of the gunk on your iron. You can also make your own draino type of mix to unclog your drains in your bathroom. This way would be more eco friendly than using the chemical draino to unclog your bath tub or shower drain, which is basically poison. The ingredients that are mixed with the salt, help to create a chemical reaction so that the hair and gunk is removed and your water can flow freely down your drain! You can also use it to clean up an egg that has fallen and broken on the floor! The salt basically coagulates the egg, and makes it more of like a gel, which is way easier to pick up off of the floor with some paper towel, and then throw in the garbage. Salt is pretty impressive stuff! Head over to 'Household Hackers' by following the link in the section below for more! Enjoy all of the awesome videos!

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