7 Surprising Benefits of Crying You Did not Know

Can you still remember the last time you had a good cry? For some people, seeing someone with watery eyes is a sign of weakness, but stressing out your emotions demands strength in the form of openness. Whether you are a man, a woman or a child, don't be afraid to have a good cry when you need one, as crying has some benefits! So if you feel like crying, just grab a piece of tissue and read more to discover the surprising benefits of crying.

Did you ever know that crying improves your eyesight? The answer is yes. When you cry, your tears serves as an eye cleaner. Aside from that, crying is a stress reliever method. It works and helps in overall emotional health as well as creates emotional comfort. Most of the times, due to dehydrated membranes of your eyes you may find your eyesight to be a little blurry. Whenever you cry your tears hydrate your membrane and helps to improve your overall vision.

Like the other parts of our body, our eyes can also have a bacteria because our tears have natural bacterial properties. Dust particles enter our eyes that causes irritation and that crying is one of the solution that helps washes it out. When you are stressed, you have an imbalance of chemicals in the body and crying also helps. More on to that, crying also helps fight diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes; which are caused due to high stress levels. When you shed tears, your brain, heart, and limbic system starts functioning optimally and you feel very delighted. The next time your heart feels heavy or your eyes starts to water up, donít think of it as a sign of weakness. With so many benefits attached to it, shedding a tear would be a great relief and a better idea. Burst it out and feel relaxed!

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