7 Ways To Eat Healthier Without Even Trying

These healthy eating ideas for 7 Ways To Eat Healthier Without Even Trying will set you on the right track for incorporating healthy eating habits into each and every day. With these simple healthy recipes and ideas, healthy eating will come naturally to you and become a regular part of your day. Once you start adding regular healthy eating routines into your day, you won't know how you lived without them. All it takes is adding healthy fruits and vegetables into your day, and with these simple healthy recipes, it will be a breeze.

First on the list of eating healthy ideas is to master basic smoothies and then customize them however you want. With smoothie recipes like mixed berry, peanut butter banana, pina colada, strawberry banana, orange creamsicle, classic green, and mocha you are sure to find a few that you like. Another way to get healthy eating into your day is to use zucchini to help make low-carb versions of your favourite foods. If you didn't know already, zucchini makes for a great noodle substitute that you can use in all sorts of gluten-free recipe ideas. One of the simple healthy recipes is to hollow out halved zucchini to make boats, then stuff them with all sorts of yummy fillings. Another zucchini recipe idea is to shred up zucchini into tots or bake them instead of fries. You'll find recipes like Mexican zucchini burrito boats, parmesan zucchini tots, and zucchini alfredo all healthier versions of some of your favorite recipes. You'll also want to take a visit to your local farmers market to take advantage of all the fresh berries when they come into season.

Berries can be found at the grocery store all year round, but when they come into season, it's the best time to visit your local farmers market and take advantage at berries at their sweet, ripe best at the most affordable prices. For a healthy treat try adding some coconut milk into homemade sorbet recipes for a healthy dessert recipe that's creamy but packed with fruit and healthy fats. Store bought sorbet has a lot of added sugar, so it's not the healthiest food, but when you make your sorbet recipe with in-season fruit and coconut milk, it's a healthy way to satisfy your occasional sweet craving. The sorbet recipe also looks super good with recipes like tart cherry sorbet, raspberry coconut mango sorbet and more. When it comes to your weekly lunch prep, you can cook up bulk recipe ideas like a chicken, sweet potato, and broccoli rabi combo, cooking in bulk never looked or tasted so good. Add whole grains to your salads for extra satiety. Try adding cooked whole grains like quinoa to leafy green salads; the healthy carbohydrates offer a bit of protein so you’ll stay full until your next meal.

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