7 Ways To Master Your Weekly Meal Prep

You will want to take a look at these 7 Ways To Master Your Weekly Meal Prep. When it comes to getting everyone ready for work and school during the week, it can take a lot of planning. Quite often it entails rushing around in the morning trying to ensure that everyone has a lunch that will get them through the day. With a little extra prep and organization done before the week starts you can start off the day and week just right with these meal prep ideas you'll wish you would have thought of sooner. When it comes to healthy eating ideas and healthy meal ideas sometimes all it takes is a little prep beforehand, this will not only save you time during the week, but you will find yourself eating healthier and not just grabbing whatever food is in front of you.

For starters, you can prep fruit and vegetables by cutting up raw fruit like melon or mango so that itís super easy to snack on. The cut up fruit can get put in lunches and is ready whenever anyone feels hungry in the house. You can also pre-wash berries and grapes. Unfortunately, you can't do this with all fruit such as apples and pears which will oxidize and smaller stone fruits like peaches and plums will get mushy. You want to stick to large fruits like melons, mangoes, and papaya. Watermelon also works well cubed and will last several days in the refrigerator. You can also roast vegetables like squash, sweet potatoes and potatoes to throw into salads and to eat drizzled with some olive oil or flax seed oil. On the healthy eating ideas, there is also a step by step guide to making lunches with some of the best recipes for healthy foods and healthy snack ideas. A couple of the healthy meal ideas include a chicken and white bean salad with feta and oranges and orange vinaigrette salad. The trick to making this healthy eating ideas is to pack the chicken and white beans in a separate container, then the feta cheese and oranges in another container, then the orange vinaigrette dressing in a container of its own. When it comes time to eating this healthy eating ideas, you simply mix them all together. Another of the healthy eating ideas includes a kale salad with eggs, sweet potatoes and walnuts with a honey tahini dressing. The same thing goes for this salad kale separate from the eggs, sweet potato and walnuts, with the dressing also packed separate. Other healthy eating ideas include blending a week's worth of smoothies all at once then freezing them in freezer safe containers to enjoy throughout the week. Just a tip, glass mason jars may break in the freezer, so you probably want to avoid these. Another of the healthy eating ideas is instead of buying chicken breasts or thighs during the week, cook a whole chicken and eat it throughout the week.

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