7 Ways Washing Dishes By Hand Can Impact Your Health And Life

When you think of natural home remedies and house cleaning tips you don't usually think about the dishes. But it's no secret that many people across the country spend their evenings after work doing the same thing. Once home most people think about what they are going to prepare for dinner which requires a certain amount of organization (sometimes stress), a trip to the grocery store, dinner preparation and kitchen clean up. The kitchen clean up is not usually the most fun part of the night. But did you know that doing dishes by hand can offer plenty of health benefits? Instead of rushing through the dishes and loading the dishwasher, you might consider slowing down and occasionally doing the dishes by hand. Of course, the dishwasher is so helpful especially when there are a lot of dishes to do, but once you read over the seven ways that washing dishes by hand can impact your health and life, you are sure to look at this cleaning task a whole new way. The following are just some of the ways that doing dishes can also be a natural home remedy. You will want to look at the whole list when you have a chance.

1. Believe it or not but doing the dishes can help to lower stress. Some recent studies show that washing dishes by hand is in fact linked to mindfulness, which makes sense given that washing dishes by hand causes people to slow down a bit and think about what they are doing. And there is something a bit soothing about the whole dishwashing process. Mindfulness means that you are focusing on the actions and the things you are doing at the present time. Hand-washing dishes takes just enough focus to keep you paying attention to the present moment. Doing dishes by hand has been linked to reduced level of stress, well-being, and immune-system boost.

2. Washing dishes by hand can also be a natural home remedy to help with having fewer allergies. In recent study suggests that our immune systems can benefit from getting a little dirty. And researchers suggest that homes, where the kids participate in washing the dishes by hand, were less likely to have allergies. It might have something to do with environments being too clean and the over use of antibacterials soaps. So it certainly can't hurt to get the kids to do the dishes by hand every once in a while, it's a good skill to have, and it might even be good for their health.

3. Doing dishes by hand may also help to heighten the immune system. You would never think that doing dishes could be used for natural health remedies. But studies show that when people are exposed to microbes, you can help to stimulate the immune system in many ways and help it to become more tolerant.

4. And with climate change and the environment making news every day, doing the dishes by hand is a good way to use less water and help the environment. Many people think that using the dishwasher saves water, and that might be true, but if you focus on conserving water while doing the dishes by hand, you can use less water than a dishwasher. Try turning off the water while you are cleaning the dishes, and rinse the dishes after they are clean.

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