8 Brilliant Food Hacks for Onions in the Kitchen and Beyond

These "8 Brilliant Food Hacks for Onions in the Kitchen and Beyond" are hacks that will elevate your dishes, improve your household and make your life easier. Some of these easy to do kitchen and cooking hacks will surprise you.

Onions are a great way to add essential flavor to almost any recipe, whether it's a sauce, main dish, or salad. They are actually considered a superfoods, full of vitamins and nutrients and inexpensive, which is why you will find them one of the most widely used and eaten ingredients in the world. So here is a kitchen trick that you wouldn't expect. Storing cut avocados with onions for less browning. For anyone who uses avocados, you know that if you have any leftover just how quickly they can brown. It's an enzyme in avocados that causes the flesh to oxidize and brown quickly when exposed to air, which is why it's only the top layer (and not the stuff underneath) of a cut avocado or a bowl of guacamole that becomes that ugly brown color. When you put an onion near a cut avocado, the sulfur gases that come from the onion, the same ones that make you tear up as you cut them up, also help to stop the oxidation process. You can also use water to help keep guacamole from browning if you don't have an onion on hand.

Onions are one of those vegetables that when added to a sandwich or salad tend to have a strong flavor, so sometimes we just want to have a thin slice or small amount. If you need a sliver thin slice of onion you can use a vegetable peeler to make razor thin onion slices. This easy to do trick saves you the trouble of having to pull out (and later clean) your mandolin. When you just need a few slivered or shaved onions, use an onion peeler to create razor-thin red onions for salads or garnish.

We all know that eating onions can leave you with some bad smelling breath, so the following trick might seem unusual but oddly works. Use cut onions to get rid of odors.

It might seem strange since onions themselves are usually thought of as smelly, but they can also help to clear up musty, stinky odors and bad smells by absorbing them. To get rid of odors and mustiness in basements and shoe closets by cutting an onion in half and leaving it there overnight. When the onion smell fades, you'll find that the other bad smells are also gone.

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