80 Mind Blowing Kitchen Hacks That Will Rock Your World

Even if you love your time spent cooking and preparing food in the kitchen, you might also appreciate some handy ways to make things easier or quicker to do. So just for you, here are 80 Mind Blowing Kitchen Hacks That Will Rock Your World! Time spent in the kitchen can be rewarding, and many people absolutely love to spend a whole day in the kitchen baking their favourite cookies for their loved ones. The kitchen is a place to enjoy some time being creative and then you also get to reap the benefits of eating what ever you just made afterwards. But, there is nothing wrong with having some ways that could make things flow a bit more smoothly and efficiently.

This list is jam packed with tons of amazing ideas from how to cut fruit to clever left over recipe ideas. They really brought together a ton of great and innovative ideas for people to put to good use in their own kitchens at home. There are some things that just really take a lot of time to do, like hulling strawberries for one, but did you know that all you need is a straw, and all you have to do is stick it through the hull of the strawberry and voila! You have a perfect, efficient way to hull your strawberries. This would make hulling a bunch of them a total breeze. How about those onions that make you cry tears over their pungent odour? Well, that is an easy fix too, all you have to do, is freeze the onion for a bit before you start to chop it up. Or how about how to take the kernels off of a cob of corn in the easiest way possible? All you need is a bundt pan! This is really a cool method to do this!

What if you love the flavour of certain herbs like rosemary, but you really don't want to have to chew on pine needle like pieces? All you have to do is bundle the herbs up in a tea ball, this works especially great for making soup. Just remove the tea ball when your soup is finished! There is even a whole section on Egg Hacks, who would have known there are so many hacks just for eggs alone? Things like how to drop and egg into water without it cracking, or how to easily remove egg shell pieces. Or why not keep your egg whites in an ice cube tray so that you can use them in the future? There are even 2 different ways to peel hard boiled eggs, which is something we all know can be a pain...

There are also a ton of great kitchen storage tips. Like using a shower cap to cover leftovers, instead of using plastic wrap, this would save a lot on having to buy plastic wrap and also, keep a lot of plastic out of landfills. Or how to keep brown sugar soft, or how to soften it once it is hardened. What about that jar lid you just can't remove?! There is a hack for that too. There are some great tips on how to steam milk, grate softer cheeses and thinly slice meat. Or how about how to keep your measuring cup clean when adding in ingredients like sticky peanut butter. All you need is a good coating of oil! There are also some great cleaning hacks like how to refresh wooden utensils, and how to easily clean out your oven. With these 80 kitchen hacks, you will have your kitchen running like a well oiled machine. The great thing, is that you have them all right here on one list. So make sure that you save it to your bookmarked links, or write out a few that you would like to try out in your own kitchen. Happy cooking!

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