9 Adorable Animals With Unique And Beautiful Hairstyles That Will Inspire You. #8…Wow!

Animals are so cute no matter what their hair looks like. But these 9 Adorable Animals With Unique And Beautiful Hairstyles That Will Inspire You. #8…Wow! That guinea pig sure has some pretty stylish locks... Even more stylish than some humans. I wonder what there owner does, do they go to a professional hair stylist to get this done on their pet? Or maybe just a dog groomer. Some of these are just incredible. My all time favourite is the jet black horse with the beautifully done braid. The horse just seems so proud of itself, doesn't it?

1. Afghan hound looking very Bridgette Bardot.

2. Pom Pom headed alpaca.

3. This bunny rabbit got a serious blow out at the salon!

4. This horse may make you wonder, "Maybe she's born with it, maybe is Neigh-baline "

5. Don't be embarrassed monkey, let your hair just do it's own thing!

6. You better not mess with this horse's perfect braid!

7. Rasta dog is sure flyin' high.

8. Gandalf 'the guinea pig' grey.

9. This fish looks like it's already been fried!

The things people will do for their animals. Sometimes its just wild and super out there, but a nice little hair cut is not so bad. Its when they actually go in a shave everything or make little funky designs in their animal's fur or coat. Like the alpaca, I do understand, however, because people use their coat for making luxurious wool. And it doesn't harm the alpaca. Even though he does look pretty cute with his funny poofy hair. Its the ones that are dyed neon colours and cats that get shaved for cosmetic reasons that I think is pretty weird.

Cats actually need all of their fur, there are little sensors on the fur on their backs that lets them know if something is close to them, so its a protective measure. If someone has shaved their cat, they better not let it outside! That's why they were born with fur, because they need it, its part of them. Then there are dogs like #7 who looks like his owners just left his hair grow out so he could have dread locks. Too funny!

The hair on the brown and blonde horse looks pretty rad too. Even a person would want that kind of hairstyle! If you need a laugh make sure you check this post out so you can check out the photos that go along with the descriptions. Head over to ‘ Amazing Info's‘ website by following the link in the description below for more!

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