9 Fun Things to Do with a Kitchen Torch

Here are 9 Fun Things to Do with a Kitchen Torch. Fun food ideas are easily found through this great slideshow from Cooking Light food and recipe website. Sometimes it can be fun to try out new and amazing food recipes from websites on the internet. Its a great way to shake up your same old cooking routine by adding in some fun food here and there. If you don't own a kitchen torch, you might be able to borrow one from a friend or you can also buy one easily online from Amazon for around $30 Canadian, which isn't too expensive. Make sure you also purchase some butane which is the fuel that makes the fire for the kitchen torch. The kitchen torch is a useful tool for making recipes like creme brűlée which has a sugary candy topping that is created by heating sugar with the kitchen torch. But as you will see in the slide show on Cooking Light, there are even more fun things you can use your kitchen torch for.

Cooking Light recommends the Rösle butane kitchen torch which is $65 which has a five year warranty on it. So it is a worthy investment if you plan on cooking more fun food in your future and it would last you for a very long time. The butane, which is essentially lighter fluid, is refillable within the kitchen torch, and can be found at any home hardware store very easily. Kitchen torches can also be used to sear meats like steak or tuna to use in salad recipes or even vegetables to serve up as a side dish recipe. Of course, it can also be used in making fabulous fun food recipes for appetizers and desserts as well as cocktails too. The amazing food recipes included in the slide show on Cooking Light, include fun food ideas that you might have never thought up on your own. The recipes are very interesting and intriguing to know what they might taste like.

The Gummie is the first fun food recipe up on the slide show, and looks quite exciting. A sizzling red gummie candy sits on top of of a lightly toasted marshmallow and looks kind of like a hot iron placed on the marshmallow. Kids would love this one, but would of course have to wait until the candy cooled down before chowing down on it. Most of these amazing food recipes are so simple and easy you could have a plate of appetizers out in no time flat. The strawberries with blue cheese look good nicely charred and heated a bit to caramelize them, as well as the torched anchovy and tomato. Or how about adding an orange slice sprinkled with sugar and torched with a dessert or a cocktail? Or what about a torched olive to give it an added smoky rich flavour? The kitchen torch works to slightly caramelize the food it is aimed at by using a very high heat. The blueness of the flame is an indicator of how hot this flame is since the blue part of any flame is the hottest part.

Thank you to the folks over at the Cooking Light website for all of their amazing food recipes and this great slide show of 9 Fun Things to Do with a Kitchen Torch. You can search for more fun food recipes and ideas on their extensive website and find many breakfast recipes, appetizer recipes, snack recipes, lunch recipes, dinner recipes, dessert recipes and more. Cooking Light also has cook books that you can purchase and recipe videos as well as a magazine publication where they share so many wonderful recipes that are fun and easy to try out at home. *

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