9 Twists on Classic Mashed Potatoes

I love potatoes! Who doesn't?! At only 100 calories per spud, they're an incredible source of vitamins and minerals. Here's a fun health fact for you. Did you know that potatoes often pack more vitamin C than tomatoes and oranges? These wonderfully rich in nutrient-starchy veggies contain 60 different kinds of phytochemicals and vitamins in their skins and flesh, and sweet potatoes are even more nutritious. And what's amazing is that you can find them just about anywhere around the world, they're affordable, filling, and every place seems to have its own rendition of this starchy vegetable.

Potatoes are definitely on the list of comfort foods and one of my favourite ways to enjoy these spuds is all mashed up. They can be whipped to smooth perfection or roughly squished leaving chunks of texture and delicious mouthful bites. Mashed potatoes are great because you can really infuse or incorporate just about any flavor or additional ingredient to the mixture and really jazz them up.

When I think of mashed potatoes I am instantly brought back to my childhood and large family-gathering dinners. Whether that may be Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, somehow we always seems to have a big bowl of mashed potatoes on the table - its probably the German-in me. Germans do love their spuds. Anyway, because potatoes seem to always make an appearance at important dinners, I wanted to start experimenting with our classic family recipe and make things a little more exciting.

Because the potato is one of those vegetables that is not only versatile in its preparation but also versatile in its flavouring and pairing, the options are almost endless. You can mash potatoes with fresh herbs, finely chopped vegetables, throw in some smoked albacore tuna, even try whipping in lots of freshly grated wasabi root. Yum!

While I do love tradition buttery mashed potatoes, from time to time I like to mix things up. Like horseradish or grated wasabi. You'd never think this would be a great pairing, but trust me, when you try this, you'll definitely be hooked. And we all know potatoes and anything gooey and cheesy seems to go hand in hand. Or what about some freshly chopped herbs like sage, chives, even rosemary? One of my favourites is mixing in some slow oven roasted garlic. Oh that's good! Here a site that shows you just how easy it really is to jazz up those spuds! Go on, get creative and bon appetit.

While we all love mashed potatos and the warm, buttery goodness they offer, the list of 9 Twists on Classic Mashed Potatos will give new life to a time honored classic recipe. For starters and for the vegan mashed potato lovers out there, this buttermilk vegan mashed potato recipe tops the list. To make you will mash your potatos to the desired consistency, then add some coconut milk, apple cider vinegar and garlic powder and mix in throughly. Don't ever substitute almond milk for the coconut milk, your potatos will be ruined. it seems that buttermilk is a good addition to some recipes, mashed potatos being one of them. If you are a vegan, you can try substituting coconut milk, apple cider vinegar and some garlic powder in its place.

Then you have a toasted walnut pesto and sage mashed potato recipe, You had me at toasted walnut pesto. For this yummy mashed potato recipe you may try garnishing with some peas. The recipe calls for mashed potatos then mixing in some cream and the walnut pesto, then simply seasoning with some salt and pepper. You might even try to put this potato mixture on a sandwich made with some of your Thanksgiving leftovers.

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