A Breathtaking Custom Tumbleweed Home

Tiny houses and small homes are popping up all over the planet, with lots of amazing designs, styles and plans sure to please anyone. "A Breathtaking Custom Tumbleweed Home," is just one example of how beautiful a tiny house can be, with all that you need to live comfortably.

This breathtaking custom tiny house, by the Tumbleweed tiny house company (who offer plenty of designs to choose from) is the contemporary modified Whitby tiny house, a design that is meant to stay in one place. This adorable tiny house can be found in the little town of Great Barrington, in the dense forest of Western Massachusetts. The tiny house is a 'big' 960 square feet which still qualifies it as a small house, which is still a lot smaller than the typical 2,700 square foot house that many Americans have become accustomed to. What this home lacks in size it sure makes up for in style, both the interior and exterior are perfect, with a simple and clean decor, lots of white and dark wooden floors.

This beautiful tiny house has 9 foot ceiling and white walls, making the space feel a lot larger than it is. The open concept living and dining area, are complemented with white and natural elements, a kitchen that also has white cupboards with stainless steel appliances, nice bathroom with tub and shower. The tiny house has radiant floor heating, granite counters and the master bedroom even has a walk in closet. The tiny house with its back patio sits on a river in a scenic location. This space is a must see, I can't imagine needed any more space than what is in this tiny home.

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