A Hand-built Wooden Yurt Rises In The Adirondacks

Now this is an awesome place to live! Or even just visit for that matter! You HAVE to see this amazing yurt home build over 30 years ago by Cathy and Gregg Farrell after seeing the yurts built by Bill Coperthwaite a yurt pioneer. They were inspired to have their own to call home! They got together a large group of their friends and every one chipped in to make this yurt a reality for the Farrells. This would be the most awesome place to live! You have everything you need and its right in the forest surrounded by trees and a river! There is even a hand built hot tub that runs on gravity and not electricity. Their kids Nick and Andrew also took up yurt building and got together with some of their own friends and built a yurt of their own! How fun it must have been to grow up in a yurt in the wilderness!

The Farrells look like they know how to live it up having a very simple down to earth life. They also look like they sure know how to throw one heck of a good party! You will see the photos on the Apartment Therapy website are filled with people enjoying the yurts and the other amenities they have on their land. Even a sauna and a zip line! They know how to have fun! I would love to go and visit them and check out their home. Apartment Therapy is awesome for finding the coolest, most unique homes ever. They always provide really interesting interviews and information about the homes and the people who own them and their slide shows really give the viewer a glimpse of the inside of people's homes and lives. Follow the link below to check out The Farrell's amazing pad on Apartment Therapy!

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