A Luxurious and Magical Guest House Down in Scrubby Bay, Must See!

This luxurious and magical guesthouse in Scrubby Bay is like nothing you've seen before. This beautiful wood cabin is nestled between the rolling hills of Annandale, which is a working farm and a luxury holiday escape just east of Christchurch, in New Zealand. The wood cabin is a private guest house that can sleep up to 14 people comfortably. The location is remote, luxurious, and magical. The subtle beauty of the wood cabin design was done by cabin builders and architectural firm Pattersons and enhances the experience of this very special wood cabin. The remote location for this robust farmhouse is in the center of a remote, symmetrical and surf beach. The location is on one of New Zealands coastal sheep and cattle stations which is known as a base camp for farm experiences. This remote wood cabin is accessed by helicopter from the Christchurch Airport or by farm track.

The beautiful log cabin was commissioned by an expatriate New Zealand owner. At the center of the stunning wood, cabin is a stone fireplace, which is constructed from rock that was quarried from the station. This wood cabin project incorporates many custom designed fittings, such as door hardware, custom furniture, and lighting, along with oak grills and handles. The wood cabin shuts down with storm shutters on the exterior of the cabin. The wooden shutters are also used when the wood cabin is unoccupied and when they are opened, the wood cabin design sets up for beautiful scenic views. The overall look of this stunning wood cabin is one with the natural landscape and looks like a piece of slowly aging farm driftwood, around which stock can graze. When one considers how to be environmentally friendly, this wood cabin seems to inspire a life more simple and one with respect for this pristine, beautiful and natural environment.

Inside there are clean lines that mix wood and natural stone, with the stone fireplace being the focal point of the spacious living room space. Whether you are inside or outside everywhere, you look the wood cabin design, and natural surrounding seems to compliment each other. This wood cabin design is exactly how a wood cabin should be, both working together to make a visual statement that is perfect in every way. Some of the comments from people who have looked at this beautiful wood cabin design include the fact that the wood cabin looks like it was always meant to be in its location it fits so well. Other comments include calm and inviting. You will want to take a look for yourself at this spectacular wood cabin design.

The exposed beams in this timber frame wood cabin suit this build quite well. Some of the benefits of building timber framed wood cabins include the aesthetically pleasing exposed timbers along with lots of natural wood and light that make timber frames one of the most appealing building options because of the strength, the clean lines, and the beauty of this type of build. Timber framed wood cabins are versatile as they lend themselves to open floor plans with many design options. Timber framed wood cabins offer wide spacing between the bents and the posts which allow for freedom in placement of the doors and the windows in the design. Timber framing is an energy efficient type of build. When building timber framed designs, there is the choice of enclosing the timber frame build with insulated walls and roof panels, which makes timber frame builds highly energy efficient reducing heating and cooling costs. This is just one of the wood cabins and cabin builders you will find on the Desire To Inspire site. This site has all sorts of design, garden and travel inspirations. **

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