A LUXURY Tiny House on Wheels!? And Its Fully Off-Grid Capable

This luxury tiny house on wheels is one of the nicer tiny house designs you will see. The 24-foot tiny cabin on wheels will amaze you when you take a look inside and has plenty of details that make it unique. You will want to take a look at the short video that takes you on a tour of this tiny luxury cabin on wheels and fills you in with all the details inside and out. To start the exterior of this tiny house design uses pine siding that is light and natural. Tundra pine is a good choice as it is light which is a good choice when you are going to be towing your tiny home to its destination. The double doors on this small house on wheels serve as a good sized door, let in lots of natural light, and they look good too. The different pitches of roofs on this tiny house design add character and make this tiny house on wheels feel spacious.

Inside there are lots of windows to let in natural light. The windows also have blinds for privacy. Upstairs there are double lofts, with a fully opening skylight with roof access. To get upstairs, there is a staircase that has plenty of storage underneath, a great and efficient use of space. Downstairs there is a great galley-style kitchen, and so much more. Downstairs there is a flatscreen television and table that pulls down when needed and can easily be put away for extra space. This tiny cabin on wheels has all the things you need to be off the grid from the solar system, hot water tank and more. This tiny cabin on wheels has a day bed that pulls out for additional sleeping space. The kitchen has a good sized sink, propane stove with oven, granite counters, and plenty of kitchen cabinets. The fridge with freezer runs on propane or electric. The tiny cabin on wheels has a washer and dryer and 26-gallon fresh water tank. The shower has a Japanese soaking tub that doesn't use the amount of square footage that a regular tub would.

This would be an amazing tiny house design to live off-grid. The tiny house design has everything you need to live comfortably from the kitchen appliances, bathroom with shower and more. There are many ways to live an off the grid life, from using a green roof on off-grid houses which help to keep the tiny house warm and, more energy efficient to installing solar panels like this tiny house design. Living in a tiny house that is off the grid typically means that the off-grid house is not connected to the main source of power grid that the majority of people are connected to. Living an off-grid life usually, means that the tiny house design or standard house design are not connected to the main power grid source. Off-grid tiny house plans can rely on an alone power system such as solar power or mini-grids. Off-grid tiny house electricity is an approach by which to access electricity for the house that is used in some countries and areas around the world that have little or no access to electricity. This can be due to scattered or distant populations. Off-grid house plans can refer to living in off-grid tiny house plans that are self-sufficient, without any major reliance on one or more public utilities.

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