A New Way to Peel a Mango

Mangoes are one of my all-time favorite fruits in the world, but sometimes they can be notoriously difficult to peel! Wouldn’t you agree? I think its that slippery and sometimes slimy inside – haha gee, I’m making the fruit sound even more delicious aren’t I? Guess what?! I’ve found a great new way to peel these yummies! Here's how to skip the mess and get rid of those pesky skins in seconds.

A ripe, fresh mango is a delicious summertime treat, but slicing one into cubes for easy snacking can sometimes be a tideious task!! Also, if you’re like me, always in a rush or sometimes not so patient with my knife skills, you can run the risk or slicing your finger. Ouch! Trust me, yes, it does hurt! A lot!So what makes my new secret so great? Well…this method is super straightforward and even a child can do it – or at least try with the supervision of their parent!

Step 1: Using the tip of the mango as a guide, slice the two cheeks of the mango off, taking care to avoid the stone in the center.

Step 2: Place the edge of the mango against the lip of a glass and slide it down.

Please be careful and note that because mangoes are a soft fruit, the glass can slide through it and separate the skin relatively pain free.

Step 3: Once the peel has been removed, you’re almost done!! From there, its super simple to slice it up, cut it into cubes, slices, whatever shapes and sizes you prefer!!

Step 4: Serve and enjoy! Yum!

This method will still leave you with the center slice unpeeled, though the stone is a bit more spread out than a typical pit. It can be difficult to cut out the remaining fruit without hitting some snags. If you're trying to save as much as possible, peel the center slice and slice up the edges. Still, it's a pretty cool new trick, don’t you think? Go on and get happy with some mangos! Enjoy!

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