A Rich Breakfast Recipe That Packs the Whole Meal into One Tiny Bite

Looking for a recipe that packs a whole meal into one tiny bite? Then you’ll definitely want to give this one for Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit Bake a try. It’s perfect for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner - and it even warms up nicely for leftovers as well!There’s something very special, not to mention addictive, about cheese, bacon, and biscuits! Add a few eggs into this mix and you’ve not only got a hearty meal full of protein, but a pretty darned good comfort food too. This could be the ultimate breakfast recipe since it has all of the traditional ingredients in there, all rolled into one, but it would do just as well for lunch or dinner. Need a quick breakfast in the morning? Then why not make this bacon, egg, and biscuit treat the night before and then just heat it upon waking? Or, if you need something yummy to spruce up a boring old lunch time at work, why not pack up a slice – or three or five – of these babies, and you’ll be the envy of all your co-workers.

If you wanted to improvise, ever so slightly, on this loaded biscuit recipe, you could even add some pizza sauce. Nothing like a little tangy pizza sauce to lend more pizzazz to an already jazzy meal like this one. We highly recommend adding some of your favourite spices, as well – for example, you could add a dash of garlic powder along with a few sprinkles of oregano, basil, and parsley. If you enjoy a few veggies with your bacon, eggs, and cheese biscuits, then you could chop some onions, green peppers, and perhaps even add some grilled asparagus tips too. Or just use your imagination – this biscuit recipe is fully loaded, but there’s still room for more – much more. Another idea would be to turn this into a fully-loaded meat-lovers’ biscuit recipe! In addition to the pre-cooked bacon, you could add bits of ham, ground beef, and perhaps even some pepperoni. Just talking about all of this food is making us hungry! As soon as we finish this article, we’re going to see what we’ve got kicking around in the kitchen – you could easily make these cheese, egg, and bacon biscuits with lots of ingredients you already have in your kitchen cupboard.

And one last idea! You could really have a lot of fun experimenting with different kinds of cheeses for this Biscuit Bake recipe. You could use cheddar, mozzarella, brie, jack, or Swiss. You could even use combinations of different kinds of cheeses. What about a 3-Cheese Bacon and Egg Biscuit Bake? Yum! And no matter what kind of cheese you use, be sure to sprinkle it all over with good old parmesan! You can never have too much cheese, and you can never have too much parmesan. Parmesan cheese just makes everything taste better, doesn’t it? This lovely Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit Bake could be the ultimate item to take on a picnic as it tends to keep quite well! It will also be a huge hit for family gatherings and potlucks, but you might want to make sure you make more than one batch. Why? Because it will go fast! It will be habit-forming! Be prepared because you’re gonna have line-ups of people asking you for the recipe. We found this yummy cheesy bacon biscuit recipe over at the “Incredible Recipes from Heaven” website – and the title is absolutely true! If you want to eat food that makes you feel like you’ve suddenly gone to Heaven, then you might want to spend some time perusing their pages!

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