A Safer, Better-Smelling Way To Clean Your Microwave

One good thing by Jillie is a great site with tons of interesting DIY projects for cleaning your home with non-toxic products that are safer for the environment and cheaper too. Her site 'One Good Thing' is a fantastic resource that you may want to search through and visit often.

In this post, she introduces a safer, better-smelling way to clean your microwave without the use of toxic chemicals that ultimately leach into your food when used. In the past she applied vinegar to clean her microwave but apparently readers were concerned with the potential hazard of this leading to explosions when it is heated to a certain point - if the vinegar isn't entirely wiped off.

She used this method for years with no problems of the sort but still decided to give this new method a try when she heard about it. All she uses is water and lemon essential oil as the ingredients, which she then combines into a spray bottle. Then she goes ahead and sprays this mixture all over the inside, making sure to get all the sides, the top and the bottom of the microwave. After, you completely wet a sponge with water and place it inside.

The next step is as easy as turning on the microwave and letting the magic happen for about 2 minutes. She calls this "steam cleaning" the microwave. Which results in a wonderful smell and absolutely clean appliance. Go ahead and wipe the rest of the inside if needed using the same sponge as well as the outside, and you are all set with a sparkling clean lemon fresh microwave, without the use of toxic chemicals.

If you have been using commercial cleaning products then it might be time to consider wandering over to the health food store to pick up some lemon essential oil to clean your home. It can be a bit pricey, but it will be sure to last you a long time.

See the photos and learn more about Jillie by visiting the 'One Good Thing' website below. You for sure will enjoy the information there.

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