Accent Green Walls For A Stylish Apartment

Would you like accent green walls for a stylish apartment? “Absolutely, I love it. It’s my favorite color.” Then this accent green wall, my friend is absolutely for you. I remember one friend of mine back in high school. She is madly in love with the color green; everything about her, from nails to the color of her ballpen, is green. She once shared with me that when she has her own house or apartment, every piece will be in the color green. *silence* Well, of course, I am like ‘whaaat?’ There’s no room for pink or blue? Anyway, I am not going to talk about her and her green madness. Why don’t we talk about the color green instead, hmm? Great idea! *winks*

Green is a “color between blue and yellow on the spectrum of visible light. It is evoked by light with a predominant wavelength of roughly 495–570 nm.” The color is created by combining yellow and blue, or yellow and cyan. The word ‘green’ comes from the Middle English and Anglo-Saxon word ‘grene’. According to Kate Smith in Sensational Color’s website, Green is the color of nature and peace. “However, there is an ‘institutional’ side to green, associated with illness and government-issued green cards, that conjures up negative emotions, as do the ‘slimy’ or ‘bilious’ greens,” says Smith. But people, please take note that we make those negative emotions. We do not have to blame color green if we’re sick. The best way to prevent illnesses is to take care of ourselves. Also, it is our reaction to certain situations that gives us the negative emotions. *smiles*

Anyway, green is the color of the Heart Chakra. Heart Chakra or also known as Anahata, is the fourth primary chakra, according to Hindu Yogic, Shakta and Buddhist Tantric traditions. This chakra is located at the center of the chest area and is linked to the heart, lungs, circulatory system, cardiac plexus, and the complete chest area. The Heart Chakra links the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. When you open the Heart Chakra, it allows a person to love more, sympathize, and care more.

Adding color green to your home contributes to our physical health. It soothes and relaxes us mentally and physically. If you are feeling depressed, green helps ease depression, nervousness, and anxiety. It also offers a sense of renewal, self-control, and harmony in your home.

Well, do you want to see the accent green walls? Just click Decoist’s website below. Have fun!

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