After Five Years This Kitchen And Yard Are Finally Complete

We've been talking a lot about cooking stuff. What are the best recipes to cook, the ingredients, the proper cooking and baking tools, the directions, and whatnot. Kitchen is the place where all the things mentioned belong, right? In the kitchen, we do all the…kitchen stuff. Duh. It is where we make the food we eat; the food that gives us energy, vitamins and minerals that we need daily. Well, good thing because this kitchen created by artist Liza Lou is not real, just a life-size kitchen made of tiny glass beads. Imagine if you have that kind of kitchen, so colourful and full of life. However, it won't be ‘full of life’ when the kitchen you think will also give full…of bacteria. What do you say? Well, here’s what I can think: Ew, ew, ew and ew. Now that’s four ew’s. We'll make it five. Ew.

You don't want to include these bacteria to your special recipes, right? The most important thing that you have to remember is the kitchen tools and equipments. Of course, before using them, you have to wash them thoroughly. We always do that here at home. During night-time, we don't know who is crawling in those tools and equipments. Our dear friend cockroaches, perhaps? “Ew.” Now you cringe in disgust. Cockroaches carry a lot of germs from their home-town, the garbage. That is why it is important to always wash your tools before AND after use.

Cleaning the kitchen tools and equipments is not enough to ensure safety. Look around the kitchen. The sink, island, kitchen tiles, appliances, cabinets, and floor need your precious attention too. If possible, clean them three times every week. This is what we always do in our kitchen at home. My mom would always clean every corner; no corners should be left unattended. Use proper cleaning agents for your kitchen floor tiles. For your sink, clean it before and after every use. Same goes to your kitchen island too.

You can say that these are simple ways to clean your beloved kitchen. You're right. Simple, but it will save you. Taking care of your kitchen is like taking care of your health too. Go get your cleaning tools and start clean sacking your kitchen!

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