Alien Abductions: Part of a Global Conspiracy, Experts Claim

More and more people are becoming aware of and accepting the fact that we are not alone in the universe as the only living beings. It would be ridiculous at this point to think that we were the only living beings in the whole universe. It is becoming like the claims that the world is flat, when we all know that it is really round now. Souls don't have to be in a human form recognizable to us, but can take any form. Much like that which you see in the movies - the greys. Just like varying races of human beings there are different soul groups and races that come from different planets, star systems and galaxies. This article will share one woman's experience with the greys who were created basically to serve a different race of beings. Sylvia Wineroth shares her story in hopes to open people's minds to who she believes the greys to be. You will understand more as you read her perceptions.

I know from my own research that although what she says is true, that the greys can perform healing on people, they are still using humans un-consensually , performing experiments and putting in various implants and such for their own benefit. Which I know to be going against the laws of the universe. Which is not good for their overall karma as souls. Each and every soul in the universe has access to a limitless source of healing energy, and can learn to heal themselves and others if they are open to receiving the healing energy. Just for example, I am an energy healer, I see some one who has something I like, so I take him/her in the night without their permission, and take something of theirs, for example say I take a piece of their jewelry off their body. So I have taken the piece of jewelry from them but then I perform some healing on them which they may benefit from, but the base intention all along was a selfish motive to get the thing that I wanted. That is just not morally right in my opinion... What do you think? You can read the article and make up your own mind and discern what you feel about the greys though. Its great to have an open mind but ALWAYS discern.

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