Alien animals!

These shocking "alien animals" may have been born here on Earth, but they look absolutely nothing like what any of us have ever seen before! These images show animals that should be technically impossible; they should not have been born the way they were, according to science and biology, yet they do in fact exist. It just goes to show you that Mother Nature herself always has a trick up her sleeve and can be totally unpredictable at times. Never try to assume you know what exists out there because you will be proven wrong every time by the curve balls she tosses at us. These animals range from a pig born with a monkey's face, to a bizarre goat possessing seven legs (both from China, of course) to a frightening fish that has a wolf's sized fangs. All of these animals look to be genetic freaks of nature that have never before seen the light of day, and which would spread widespread panic if more people knew they existed out there. These alien animals might perplex, scare, and shock you, but they are in fact, for the most part, real and may in fact make you feel a bit nervous the next time you go swimming in the ocean.

Personally, I have never before seen these alien-looking creatures in person or even through a photograph. I do believe that there are undiscovered species out there and unexplained carcasses that wash up on shore of animals we've never seen before, but even I had not expected some of the shocking images that were revealed in this list. For one thing, if that fish with the enormous teeth and jaws does exist out there, I hope to never meet it face to face, as it would likely cause me to have a heart attack given how sheerly frightening it is. Could it be some long lost prehistoric fish that refused to go extinct after all these years? Also, the pig with the monkey's face seems wrong, it is like a person having a dog's face, and I know that just doesn't happen normally, so I am left to wonder what caused it, pollution or radiation perhaps? We may never know the answers to some of these questions but one thing is for sure, these animals certainly look like they don't belong here on planet Earth, and have earned their title as "alien animals."

For the most part, these images do seem pretty genuine, and that alone is a scary thought. The only time I would say to take what you see with a grain of salt is when it comes to the images that were taken by Russian soldiers of the terrifying fish and another that looks like a horseshoe crab with a fin attached to it. Images taken by the Russian military could've been altered, considering the source. In the other images' cases, I would say they all look pretty genuine.

Now its time for you to see these bizarre alien animals for yourself and see if you think they could exist here on Earth or not.

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