Alien Hunters Discover Pyramid on Mars and Claim The Near Perfect Structure was Built by Ancient Civilization

There's a lot of controversy surrounding the buzz around alien life forms and their presence on Mars. Here alien hunters discover pyramid on Mars and claim the near perfect structure was built by ancient civilizations. It's a hard thing to gauge especially without a scientific background to make proper judgements. As a person on the side lines it's easy to make uneducated guesses based on our own gut feelings and assumptions, but to know for sure is a whole other ball game.

In this article there's a physicist named Dr John Brandenburg who has determined that he believes another alien life form wiped out the Mars civilization with nuclear bombs. The reason he thinks this is because of the large craters of nuclear energy that are present on the planets surface. Beyond that there is also speculation that some of the rock formations are in fact remnants of those past civilizations. The one looks like a human face, and another is an almost perfect replica of the pyramids in Egypt. Some people argue the opposite and believe that it's just our human minds finding familiar forms in otherwise random objects. Furthermore, they think the formation of the pyramids is just a result of natural wind processes and that it's similar to forms that are found naturally out here as well.

It seems as though the arguments could go back and forth forever and that it's difficult to draw any hard and fast conclusions. But that's where the fun comes in! It's interesting to entertain thoughts of other life forms that are just within reach. Just imagine the possibilities if we met them and learned about our intergalactic past, way past the scope of our current human centered knowledge. Or maybe it's all just a hoax and a figment of our imagination. Checkout the article for yourself on the "Mail Online" website and make your own conclusion!

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