Alien Life Found Living in Earths OWN Atmosphere

Who wouldn’t be intrigued by the existence of aliens? There is documentation of findings here on planet Earth. It is natural to do research and gather any knowledge about them, in case there ever comes a day of an Earth invasion. As in anything that is unknown, there is power in knowledge and since anything is possible; it is best that we are all prepared and armed with some facts about these creatures.

The only thing we know about these findings so far is that they are not from earth. Aliens and their appearance remain a mystery. Hollywood has created many images of Aliens, some of them show them covered in green skin with huge dark eyes sounding like huge weird insects. But what do they really look like? We still are not sure about that.

Here is something to tickle your brain, as "Researchers from the University of Sheffield and Buckingham University claim to have found evidence for microscopic organisms living 16 miles up in the atmosphere between Chester and Wakefield".

How do they find out about them? Apparently, they used some special balloon to get some samples regarding these creatures located in the stratosphere, and they all did it while the Perseid meteor shower was happening. They saw some parts of a diatom, also known as a single-celled algae. Part of their theory is that the recent meteor shower could’ve caused their discovery, and it could also be the first real proof that aliens could have entered our planet from the outer space.

There may be some correlation between weather and how life is effected by it. There is a theory of possibility that microorganisms could play a role in cloud formation and forming ice crystals that lead to water condensation and raindrops falling to the earth that may contain organisms that are not from earth.

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